I have been interested in outer space since I was a small boy. One particular book which inspired me was by Sir Patrick Moore and illustrated by Dave Hardy called “Voyage to the Stars”. I was so captivated by the images and text that I was inspired to create my first space artwork using oils on the back of a cardboard box (ironically the lid was from a box containing my first telescope). I still have the picture and that precious oil stained book has now been signed by both Sir Patrick Moore and Dave Hardy.

During the following years I dabbled in oil landscapes followed by acrylic and enjoyed painting quite realistic fantasy paintings. My first book cover was ‘Tales of the Witch World’ by Andre Norton. However, I was still very interested in Science and went on to obtain a degree in Science from Portsmouth University. In the late 90’s I completed my first work for ‘The Sky At Night’ on BBC television. The show was presented by the inspirational Sir Patrick Moore with whom I was fortunate enough to have called my friend.

It has taken time but I have now realised my dream in working with one of my childhood heroes – Sir Patrick Moore on BANG! The Complete History of the Universe. A great bonus for me was working with the brilliant and inspirational Brian May of the rock band ‘Queen’. Brian introduced me to stereograms (incredible 3D like pictures) which you can see examples of on this website.