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Stereo Images
I have to thank my multi talented friend Brian May for introducing me to stereo images a few years ago. It took me a few minutes to be able to 'free view' the images but once I had, I was in awe at the quality and realism. Since then, I have been creating my own stereo images and have enjoyed the challenge of converting flat astronomical images into glorious 3D. Here is a small collection of my stereo images, more are to follow.

How to free view my stereo images:
My stereo pictures require the parallel viewing method - which means you don't need any glasses (though having seen incredible Avatar in 3D I would never complain about that format!). To see a picture in 3D, look straight ahead through the picture as though you were looking into the distance - do this until the two images merge at which point you will see three images, the middle of which will be in glorious 3D! It can be tricky at first to get, but does become much easier with practice. Have a go, it really is worth the effort!

A Village Lost and Found - Brian May & Elana Vidal
If you find Stereo Images of interest, take a look at the beautiful book 'A Village Lost and Found' by Brian May and Elena Vidal. Brimmed full with superbly reproduced stereo images taken by T.R. Williams over 150 years ago, this book is a fascinating look into the life of an english village. The book teases out the camera methods T.R Williams used and includes some poignant stereo images taken by Brian to bridge the gap to the present day. Look out for one of my Stereo conversions in the book! Even if you can't 'free view' Brian has designed a 3D viewer, the Owl Stereoscope, which enables everyone to view these fascinating stereo views. You can view more information here.

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